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RED CORAL – Organic Gemstone

Red Corals

RED CORAL – Organic Gemstone which is found in  the deep seas.

What does organic gemstone mean?

So, Red Coral gemstone is not mined gemstone.

Wearing this gemstone carries energy, ambition, blood circulation, vitality and physical strength.

Also wearing this stone protect oneself from enemies and evil spirit.

Other benefits of Red Coral gemstone is since we know that red coral gemstone represents the planet Mars.

So wearing this stone emphasize Mars in one’s horoscope.

And also reduce the malefic effects of this planet.

One can wear this stone with gold or copper ring to ensure benefits of this stone.

So, Red Coral comes in many shapes such as Red Italian Coral, Round shape, Oval Shape etc.

Who Can Wear Red Coral Gemstone:

So,Red Coral or Moonga gemstone is precious gemstone which

can be worn by ascendant of each sign to obtain the benefits of this stone.

But only after consulting an astrologer.

Also Besides this a person who is either suffering from Mangal Dosh or Dasha must wear this stone.

So, even a person in whose horoscope Mars is placed in the benefice position

can also wear this stone to ensure benefits.

And person who is suffering from blood diseases or mind problems

can wear this stone and cure these serious diseases.

So, What Are the Benefits of Red Coral Stone:

Red Coral or Moonga stone carries an enormous amount of benefits.

So, wearing this stone increases self confidence, and get rid of blood related diseases.

It also protect against enemies, evil spirit, increase physical strength,

mental strength, vitality, love and passion in life.

So, apart from this if a person is under Mangal Dosh or Mangal Dasha

should wear this stone and over come weak Mangal Dasha.

A person in whose birth chart Mars is placed in a stronger position

should wear this stone to maximize the benefits of major period.

Health Benefits of Red Coral or Moonga Stone:

So, one of the best benefits of Red Coral stone or Moonga stone is

its special healing energy. It aids in curing many serious diseases

such as blood related diseases, bone marrow and mental diseases.

Red Coral or Moonga gemstone also ensures the strength of bone

and wearing this stone merging with some other stone

can help in curing serious diseases like cancer, breast cancer and brain tumor, etc.

Red Coral or Moonga Stone for Early Marriage:

So as Red Coral or Moonga gemstone is an auspicious gemstone of planet Mars,

which is a gemstone responsible to introduce obstacles in someone’s horoscope to get married.

Manglik Doshis caused due to this planet if this planet

is placed in malefic position in someone’s birth chart.

So in order to get rid of it astrologers suggest

a person to wear Red Coral or Moonga gemstone.

Wearing this stone remove all the obstacles from the way of an ascendant to get marry.

Red Coral Stone (Moonga) for Wealth:

 Red Coral or Moonga gemstone can bring quick wealth to its wearer

if it is placed at suitable places in the horoscope of a person.

So, it brings wealth and financial strengthens it native also

bring name, fame, popularity, self confidence in him/her.

So if you are suffering from financial crisis so to get rid of all sorts of

financial problems adopt this stone after consulting your astrologer.

Red Coral (Moonga) For Manglik Dasha:

 Red Coral or Moonga gemstone is suggested to be worn by

those ascendant who are under manglik dasha.

Mangik dasha brings malicious result to ascendant such as

he/she faces the problem in getting married or married couple

faces problem which even some lead them to the separation.

It’s a serious Dosh or Mars.

So to avoid this dosh one should wear this precious gemstone

as per the suggestion of an experienced astrologer

who can guide him/her well to get the proper benefits.

Red Coral Stone (Moonga) Astrological Benefits:

So according to astrologer Red Coral stone or Moonga is the gemstone

of planet mars which is an auspicious planet to bring physical strength,

happiness, encouragement, health, confidence and mental health to a person.

Astrologer suggest that wearing this gemstone will help

a person to get rid of Manglik Doshor Mangal Dasha.

So, even wearing this gemstone help one to recover from serious health diseases.

Red Coral Stone (Moonga) Healing Properties:

Red Coral or Moonga gemstone has special healing properties,

which help to improve physical and mental health of a native.

So Moonga stone emits cosmic yellow energy which aid in

solving all the mental and physical problem of a native.

So, wearing this stone will bring peace and get rid of depression.

It also helps in curing many serious diseases related to blood, head or bone marrow.

So, in conclusion:

RED CORAL – Organic Gemstone from the bottom of deep seas what makes it very rare stone!

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