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Girls Acrylic Hearts Name Bracelet Anklet with Crown CharmGirls Acrylic Hearts Name Bracelet Anklet with Crown Charm

GIRLS Acrylic Hearts Bracelet / Anklet with Any Charm


• White Acrylic Beads with Hearts, 6 mm
• Pink Flower Crystal Glass Rhinestone Beads, 9 x 4 mm
• Black Acrylic Letter Beads, 7 x 3 mm
• Pink Cat Eye Glass Heart Beads, 6 x 5 x 3 mm
• Gold Color Alloy Crown Charm, 8 x 14 x 1 mm

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GIRLS Acrylic Hearts Bracelet / Anklet with Any Charm

Personalized with the Name and Customized with the Size!

Why Should You Buy This Exact Bracelet / Anklet?

Because It Is ONE OF THE KIND Piece of Jewelry

and the BEST QUALITY Product!

So, How Does It Work?

1. Your Choice of the Desired Name or / and Phrase
2. Pick the Size from 5” to 10” and
3. Any Charm from # 1 to # 31 or Ask for Your Own Choice
4. Place the Order and
5. Receive Bracelet / Anklet, so
6. After That ENJOY It or Gift It to Your Loved One (s)!

My Dear Customer,

Welcome to Art of Bead ONE OF THE KIND

Online Handcrafted Bracelets and Anklets Store!

Just Send Me Few Necessary Details in the Message Field,

so I Can Complete Your Order of GIRLS Acrylic Hearts Bracelet / Anklet

with Your Choice of Charm and  Your Unique Piece of  Jewelry

Will be Ready for Shipping in 24 – 48 Hours!

So, in the Conclusion, All I Would Like to Say is:

I Hope that You and I Can Create TOGETHER Some BEAUTIFUL Bracelet or Anklet With the Charm and Name You Pick because Beautiful Things in Life Bring Us a Lot of Happiness and Joy! I Also Hope that Your Order will be the First but not the Last because Returning Customers Are the Best Proof  That My Art of Bead Was and Is Really Appreciated! Also, If You Decide to Leave an Honest and Constructive Feedback About Your Purchases, I Will Really Appreciate It because It Helps to Improve Future Art of Bead Products!

Sincerely Yours,

Victoria P.

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At Last, if  You Will Click on ABOUT Button, You Can Find Out Some Information About Myself and How I Created  Art of Bead.


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