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PINK AGATE – Strengthens Immune System & Concentration

Pink Agate Druzy Gemstone

How does Pink AGATE Strengthens Immune System & Concentration?

Agate Physical Healing Properties.

Agate Strengthens the immune system and  helps in healing the liver and pancreas, also it improves concentration.

What is Pink Agate History?

 Agate is a name given to a variety of banded chalcedony, a mineral of the quartz group. It is predominantly white, with layers of creamy browns, blacks and grays. Some may include layers of yellow ochre, gold, scarlet and red. So, Agate is sometimes called the earth rainbow because, in its various forms, the concentric bands in nature form nearly every color the earth can produce, including a colorless form.

Why Was This Stone Named AGATE?

The name AGATE comes from the river Achetes in Sicily, so that’s where they were found in ancient times. Agates in general have a slower vibration which supports a lasting connection with the results you are looking for. And they stabilize the aura as well as cleansing it of negativity and aid in balancing. So it helps one to become more loving. Ans they are also used by South American Shaman as a pathway to the “other worlds”.

What are Agate Health Benefits?

Pink agate replaces heartache, old wounds and despair with heart healing and joy. Promotes love and bonding between parents and children. it so helps one to feel worthy of love and it aids in channeling.

Which Characteristics Agate Has?

Gemstone Family – Quartz

Chakras – Heart (4th), Sacral (6th)

Colour – Pink with soft pink and white banding

Found in – Germany (Idar-Oberstein area), Brazil, Egypt, Italy, Madagascar, Mexico and Scotland

Element – Associated with Earth

Also known as – “Protector of Children”.

What is Agate Meaning?

Agate is named after the Achates River (now known as the Dirillo River) on the island of Sicily, Italy, whose upper waters were an ancient source of this gemstone.

Birthstone Month – September

Zodiac Sign – Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn

Chemical Composition –  SiO2

Hardness on the Mohs scale – 7 (1 being softest, 10 being hardest).

What are Agate Emotional Healing Properties?

It heals emotional disease, also transforms negativity, and relieves distress, soothes anger and boosts confidence and support, promotes unconditional love.

What are Agate Spiritual Properties?

It strengthens the bond between parent and child, balances yin and yang energies and brings calmness to the user.

So, What is Agate Legend?

The legend has it that… In Medieval times, the belief surrounding agate properties was that it could deliver a plentiful harvest if tied to the horns of an oxen. So, Ancient Egyptians believed agate provided protection against natural disasters like lightning, also a protection from thirst and as having the ability to deliver powers of speech.

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