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Art of Bead

Let Me Tell You a Little Bit About Myself & How Art of Bead Was Created

                           About Me

My name is Victoria Partridge from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. I was born in a very small Siberian town, Seversk, Russia. Since I was about 8-10 years old, I started to show a boundless interest to all kinds of handcrafting, such as knitting, sewing, embroidery, and beaded jewelry of all kinds. This is my biggest passion.

                 My Childhood Passion

It is such a fulfilling sensation to create beautiful things with my hands. Unfortunately, life later got in the way… College, job, moving to the USA then more jobs. Not long ago, a big change came into my life, as to millions of other people in the world. The pandemic took away my routine lifestyle and suddenly I realized that it gave me an incredible opportunity to come back to my childhood passion! So, I got plenty of free time and a huge desire to create beautiful things again!

                        Idea Strikes

At first, an idea came to my mind to create couple of anklets for my daughter with our names on them and Mother/Daughter half hearts charms to represent our love and bond. I decided to make it as a Christmas gift because a few months ago, she was obsessed to get some kind of anklet but we couldn’t find anything in the stores. And when I made 2 anklets for her, I realized that there are so many people looking for something similar and can’t find it anywhere. Art of Bead can be a solution for them! They can find here what they need!

       Fascinating Gemstones and Shells

Something I also love is natural gemstones, shell bracelets, and anklets. Their healing abilities are so fascinating to me! The idea of creating something beautiful, unique, and healing at the same time… It’s such an amazing opportunity to make something so very special for people! Here you can find a lot of interesting information about GEMSTONES HISTORY and their benefits. There are over 20 blogs about Natural Stones and Shells that I use in my handcrafting art.
That’s the story about Art of Bead 🙂

                       Enjoy Shopping

Please enjoy shopping and let me know your personal preferences for the bracelet/anklet that you pick. 

                             Sincerely yours,
                             Victoria P.

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